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Oliver Tiger MkIII
OS Max 25
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Taipan 2.5
Taipan 3.5
Veco 29
Veco 61
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My Oldest Cox
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After 12 years in retirement I have got around to cleaning up my model motors that have been sitting in a box for the last 15 to 20 years. Castor oil, old, burnt or varnished up is hard to remove.
So I used a caustic cleaner to soften it then boiled the pieces (where it was OK) to further loosen the gunk. Boiling was also needed to unstick the pistons and crankshafts. A brass wire brush was used to remove the worst of the rubbish and then I dunked the parts into kerosene to get rid of the water.
Finally I had to use a knife or a brass wire brush in the Dremel for stubborn deposits and then finish up with a light steel wool (fine grade).

My Motors
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Now they are looking clean again I expect I should sell them. Either now or in ten years time, as I am not a collector and those that are would make better owners than me.
If anyone is interested find the email address on the left and send me an offer...Rod

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